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The queer bible

These works are my direct interpretation of the Bible, greatly influenced by my multiple identities as a queer woman, environmentalist and outsider. This project was inspired by the disempowerment I felt growing up in Orange County, California, surrounded by an Evangelical Christian culture that made it clear that only approved people could interpret the Bible and that the main function of this book was for telling people what to do and who to judge and exclude. I hope these drawings inspire you to think about the Bible both critically and creatively. The Queer Bible contains text and additional drawings and hopefully one day will become a published book.

Queer Pumas in the Garden of Eden.jpg

Genesis 1:20 Queer Pumas in the Garden of Eden

Leviticus 11 4 Maybe We Will Eat You Pen

Leviticus 11: 4 Maybe We Will Eat You

Jesus goes away to pray alone Luke 5 16.

Luke 5:16 Jesus Goes Away Pray 

Genesis 21 14 Hagar in the Desert, Pen a

Genesis 21:14 Hagar in the Desert

Isaiah 34 15 Snake mom and babies, Colla

Isaiah 34:15 Snake mom and babies

Isaiah 34 15 Snake mom and babies

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