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Pax Leigh Robinson

I'm a self-taught artist who got started drawing dinosaurs doing unexpected things, like talking on mobile phones and falling in love. Since then I've branched out to a lot of other plants and animals doing unexpected things. I'm inspired by nature, the outsider perspective, the concept of home, relationships, and the search for freedom. I really like to draw  with others, so if you see me in the wild I will happily share my art supplies with you. Collaboration is also sweet, so please let me know if you want to make something new together. 

Neon Reno is my self-published coloring book of the vintage neon signs of the biggest little city in the world. It contains several drawings of my favorite Reno landmarks that you get to color how ever you like. Currently I am working on The Queer Bible, which is my graphic interpretation of the Bible from a queer, outsider, nature inspired perspective. If the bible has every been used to hurt or judge you, I hope you will check my version out and hopefully find some healing and an unexpected perspective. 

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